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FREE 2 Hour Seminar. Attend & Receive Vouchour For A FREE Diagnostic Test.

FREE 2 Hour Seminar. Attend & Receive Vouchour For A FREE Diagnostic Test.

FREE 2 Hour Seminar. Attend & Receive Vouchour For A FREE Diagnostic Test.FREE 2 Hour Seminar. Attend & Receive Vouchour For A FREE Diagnostic Test.FREE 2 Hour Seminar. Attend & Receive Vouchour For A FREE Diagnostic Test.

READY TO PASS YOUR NCLEX? 6 reasons to choose riggs

#1. Mrs. Riggs' Students PASS When They Sit For The NCLEX


Please see "Testimony" page for proof. Mrs. Riggs is able to tell with the post review diagnostic test who is ready for the actual NCLEX Examination. The students that she gives the OK to test PASS.

#2. Mrs. Riggs teach you the material as if you were back in nursing school.


Teaching the material ensures a strong foundation / knowledge base, especially for the Select All That Apply (SATA) type of questions. 

#3. Mrs. Riggs teach you how to take the test, building critical thinking.


In addition to learning the material, it's vital to know how to take the test. Learning to prioritize and think critically is a key component and a part of the Riggs NCLEX Tutoring.

#4. Mrs. Riggs teach Test Taking Strategies


Certain NCLEX questions require you to know specific strategies and how to answer them. Mrs. Riggs teach you how to id different types of questions and utilize specific test taking strategies to answering those questions correctly. 

#5. Classes are kept small


Small classes are always more conducive to learning allowing that one on one opportunity and the ability and time to ask questions. 

#6. Endless resources are provided


Access to power points on

ALL eight clients needs categories from lecture.

 Thousands of practice questions.

Access to hundredths of mnemonics


Share with Family & Friends. Thank you. 

Professor Darline B RIGGS MSN, BSN, RN

Professor Darline B Riggs MSNEd, BSN, RN



Professional Biography - Darline B Riggs MSNEd, BSN, RN Nurse Educator

Darline B Riggs has a combination of backgrounds that contributes to her expertise as a Nurse Educator. She received her Associate of Nursing Degree at Broward College, Bachelor of Nursing, and Master of Nursing Degree specializing in Nursing Education from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to nursing, Professor Riggs was an Elementary School Teacher. After becoming a nurse and spending many years at the bedside, Professor Riggs went into Community Nursing and teaching nursing students in the classroom. Having taught every nursing course in the classroom and gaining expert knowledge concerning the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), Professor Riggs developed a passion for assisting nursing students in passing the NCLEX Examination. 

In addition to her academic background, Mrs. Riggs also has tremendous experience directing nursing programs, raising program passing rates, and getting nursing programs off probation. According to Mrs. Riggs, “The gift of service is one of the greatest gifts”.  

Mrs. Riggs has also served her community from the governing aspect as Commissioner of the Beautiful City of Miramar. Utilizing her gifts and talents, she has provided her Miramar and Nursing Community with FREE NCLEX Reviews for many years. She is committed to serving her community and utilizing her talents for the betterment of all whom she encounters. 


Darline B Riggs MSNEd BSN RN

 Professor Riggs is the instructor for the NCLEX Classes and has over 14 years of Nursing experience and has directed several Nursing Programs, taught out and taken nursing programs off probation.  


Why Choose Riggs NCLEX Tutoring


  • 98% Passing Rate
  • Master's Degree Prepared Nursing Instructor
  • Small classes for nursing students
  • Diagnostic Test Included with full review
  • FREE Diagnostic Test
  • FREE Resources
  • FREE Test Taking Strategies
  • Proven NCLEX Test taking strategies


Our Mission

To prepare nursing students to pass The NCLEX Examination and be safe to practice. 


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